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An example of the reward examination Donald Knuths

Knuth reward check

ESPRIT, humility and control Donald Knuths of the technology are not anywhere better issued than in its acknowledgment of those persons, who discover disturbances in its programs.

As he says in the introduction to TeX: The program ,

"I believes that the locking bug in TeX was discovered and removed on November 27, 1985. But, if somehow a disturbance still in the code lurks, I pay to the first person gladly the fee of a Suchers of $20,48, her discovered. (this is twice the preceding quantity, and I plan to double her in one year again; They see, I really convinced in the morning!)",

The odd illustration of $20,48 comes from a periodic duplication of the output A cent reward. It continued this, which doubles years after 1985, and which became dollar quantity of such a reward rather largely for Quite.a.few.

So why was my reward in 1989 only $2,56? The detail bugs, which I discovered in TeX and DOES NOT METAFONT were functional and Knuth set many little reward value on bugs, which did not affect the correct function of the programs. The then-present reward of the $2^{16}$-Cents was classified down to the $2^8$-Cents.

These bugs consisted of some lines of the code, those redundantly were apparent developed and in an erroneous re-use of a fragment of another part of the larger program. If it surprised my translations of TeX from the line source to the C-language, which were at this time such versions the none, my automatic translator/compiler me caused, when it marked the program statements, as redundant. Apparent during many years of the use, no human nature had really examined those lines of the code carefully enough, in order to see it, as redundant. With the annual SCHLEPPER meeting with Stanford 1989, Knuth recognized the problems immediately, when I showed her out to him.

In consideration of the number of bugs, which were discovered by TeXimplementors, one must be surprised, like Donald Knuth avoided by its reward politics to have become impoverished. The answer is simple that the honour of the acknowledgment of Knuth is the material reward, and not the money. Essentially it recognizes you for discovering something, which to it is important that it was not capable to see. So I have to meet everyone which really redeemed one of these examinations. Ironically control Knuths must have been strictly examined by numbers over the years, how it a check book from calibration of so many opened individual parts out continual employ have had must. At least in the US bank right, to examine, which over 6 months are old, "are fall under the statute of limitations-dated" explained and become untransferable.

I expect that a daily this point of historical computer science can do far more than its small nominal value at the time of the expenditure value in. It is worth more to me than indication of the distinction. The public has penchant for the collectable with including individual parts, history. I believe that future, counting such becomes a vital aspect of the human enterprise, these its early development and its pioneers become famousnesses of the large Statur. Art products of the time come to control a large value to the collectors.

Korpus the TeX is a shining jewel in the technological revolution of counting in 20. Century. For now graces this document (in the color rendition, in the original Heirloom surely away locks for retaining) my office wall, mean showing pride in its a small part of this revolution, like medal of the commander in leader.

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