Expert Linux Consulting

Richard J Kinch offers his extensive expertise and experience to support all aspects of Linux systems:

Richard Kinch's decades of experience with UNIX dates back to its early days of Bell Laboratories development in 1975. He first worked as a paid consultant in 1978 and was involved in the development of the first commercial UNIX workstations of the 1980s. He holds the BS (Cornell University), MS (University of Illinois), and PhD (Cornell University) degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. Clients have included small and large businesses; local, state, and federal government agencies; and many colleges and universities. He has written numerous academic papers in the field and several successful commercial software products. He has also done pro bono work for churches, non-profit agencies, and youth sports organizations.

The basic rate for short-term technical services is $125/hour. An introductory conference via e-mail or telephone to evaluate and estimate a task is provided without charge. Work may be performed on-site (including travel world-wide), via network connections, or by e-mail or telephone conference, as appropriate for the convenience of the client.

To contact Richard Kinch regarding Linux consulting, see the contact information on the TrueTeX home page.