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Custom fitted adapter for Canon ELPH and SD series point-and-shoot digital cameras


Item:Custom fitted adapter for certain Canon point-and-shoot digital cameras
See photo 1 (Canon SD750 before and after custom adaptation),
  photo 2 (endoscope adapter component),
  photo 3 (typical assembly),
  photo 4 (SD1300 version).
  photo 5 (ELPH 310HS version).
Includes new Canon ELPH 310HS camera (or later model, as available).
Instruments: Standard endoscopes and fiberscopes with B-cup eyepiece
Cameras supported:Canon ELPH 310HS and SD models, including SD750, SD790, SD1000, SD1100, SD1300, SD1400
Does not require submission of the endoscope, microscope, or other instrument.
Price:(USD) $1450
Shipping to USA addresses:$15
Ship date:30 days from receipt of order.
Warranty:Includes 1-year limited warranty.
Seller:Richard J. Kinch, Ph.D.
7890 Pebble Beach Ct
Lake Worth FL 33467 USA
Telephone (561) 966-8400


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