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Digital upgrade kit for Topcon SL-5D, SL-5E, and SL-6E slit lamps


Item:Digital camera retrofit kit EF-SL-5D-6E
Includes digital camera adapter and electronic interface for joystick shutter control and Topcon flash synchronization.
Includes installation instructions [2.7 MB PDF file] and technical support.
See photos:
  Adapter assembled to original Topcon camera coupler
  Adapter assembly without camera on a Topcon SL-5D
  Adapter with Canon 5D Mark II camera
  Adapter with Canon Rebel camera
See also the original Topcon SL-5D Photo Slit Lamp Instruction Manual [12 MB PDF file, 46 pages].
Instruments supported: Topcon model SL-5D, SL-5E, and SL-6E slit lamps
Topcon components required: Requires existing Topcon coupler block for Topcon film camera (see instructions above).
Requires existing 5-pin connector (see photo) from cord on Topcon film camera body for retrofit to electronic interface cable.
(Upgrade installation is performed for free when above parts are submitted to us for retrofit.)
Digital cameras supported:All Canon digital SLRs (models 300D/350D/400D/450D/10D/20D/30D/40D/50D/5D/5D Mark II/etc).
All Nikon digital SLRs (specify Nikon model for remote interface).
All Olympus digital SLRs (specify Four-Thirds mount).
Other digital SLRs with T-mount adapters.
See installation instructions above for digital camera field of view diagrams.
Price:(USD) $1200
Shipping to USA addresses:$10
Ship date:30 days after receipt of order (and submitted parts, if any).
Warranty:Includes 1-year limited warranty.
Seller:Richard J. Kinch, Ph.D.
7890 Pebble Beach Ct
Lake Worth FL 33467 USA
Telephone (561) 966-8400


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