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C-mount camera adapter for Zeiss OPMI beamsplitter
For Zeiss operating microscopes, slit lamps, and other instruments
Optional fit to Haag-Streit, Topcon, and Möller instruments


Item:C-mount camera adapter for Zeiss OPMI beamsplitter.
Standard configuration: f=125mm for proper cropping with Zeiss f170 binoculars and 1-inch format C-mount cameras.
(Specify any other focal length or cropping configuration you desire in separate correspondence.)
See product photo (shown with typical C-mount camera applied).
Photo (adapter and camera on a typical Zeiss operating microscope).
Photo (adapter and camera on a typical Zeiss slit lamp).
Internal mirror provides normal image to camera (in conjunction with beamsplitter mirroring).
Adapter kit does not include camera, beamsplitter, or other instrumentation.
Fits Zeiss standard OPMI beamsplitter interface (see detailed diagram)
Optional fit to beamsplitters for Topcon SL-2D or SL-2E (details), or Möller (photos) instruments.
Shipping to USA addresses:$20
Ship date:30 days after receipt of order.
Warranty:Includes 1-year limited warranty.
Seller:Richard J. Kinch, Ph.D.
7890 Pebble Beach Ct
Lake Worth FL 33467 USA
Telephone (561) 966-8400


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