Richard J Kinch
January, 2013


Turn off.
Disconnect all power and signal cabling.
Remove all 4 cover screws on each of 2 sides.
Remove cover screw at rear only of top of cover.  NOT 4 others on top.
Remove 2 cover screws adjacent to power switch on front.
Remove 1 cover screw at bottom of front.
Remove cover by sliding up.
Remove 2 screws and washers holding handle to front of cover.
Reassemble cover with all screws but without handle.  Lower cover onto chassis from straight above. Do not pinch chassis wiring.
Use caster wrench (such as 1.6 x 5 x 0.125 rectangle with 19mm wide x 0.87" deep notch) to loosen casters.
  Use Vise Grips on caster wrench for handle.
  If no caster wrench at hand, grab round plate of casters adjacent to hex nut fitting with pliers.
Remove casters from base using caster wrench to loosen.
Pack casters and handle/screws in 5 x 8 poly bag.

Bag of handle with 2 screws and washers, 4 casters.
Caster wrench.
Power supply.


Lower table completely with AC power.
Unplug AC power.
Disconnect both cables from upper unit to power supply.
Remove upper unit from tilt mechanism (1 phillips screw on right side, 4 phillips screws on bottom, all M4-14).
Remove 2 round connectors (7-pin black/blue plastic, 8-pin silver metal shell) from back FD-31A console (membrane type) on table top.
Remove 4 sheet-metal screws fastening console to wooden table top.
This leaves fat cable and round connector permanently wired.
Remove 4 SHCS (M4-35, 2.5mm hex key) holding rail covers to table top.
Disconnect both ends (5-pin DIN, 5-pin round) of carriage-headrest cable and remove.
Remove 4 phillips screws (M4-30) fastening tilt mechanism to carriage.
Lift tilt mechanism from carriage and table.
Lift carriage from table.
Disconnect connector (8-pin DIN) from headrest base below table.
Unscrew and disconnect round connector from AIT pedestal.  Apply round dust cover cap.
Remove two cables from cleat on bottom of table.
Remove 4 phillips screws () fastening headrest to bottom of table top.
Remove 4 bolts and lockwashers (13mm end wrench) holding table top to pedestal.
Remove 2 screws holding cable cleat to bottom of table top.
Remove cleat.
Remove 2 SHCS (M10-30, 8mm hex key) holding legs to pedestal.
Remove legs.  Observe left/right on reassembly.

Console unit with cable attached.
4 sheet metal screws for FD-31A console.
4 M4-35 SHCS for rail covers.
2 rail covers.
5 M4-14 screws for upper unit to tilt mechanism.
Upper unit.
Carriage-headrest cable.
Tilt mechanism.
AIT pedestal cable.
Headrest-FD31A-console cable.
4 screws (M6-20) for headrest to table top.
4 bolts and lockwashers for table top to pedestal.
Table top.
2 sheet metal screws for cleat to bottom of table top.
2 legs.


18 x 18 x 12 DW	S-4968  (Topcon upper units, TRC-50VT power supply with handle and wheels removed, tilt mechanism, carriage)
22 x 18 x 16 DW S-16458 (Topcon TRC-50VT power supply with wheels and handle, clamshelled for Topcon AIT-5B or AIT-10B pedestal)
29 x 17 x  9    S-14285 (TRC-50VT tabletop, headrest, switch console)