TurboTeX Typesetting Software

Executables $150
With C Source $300
The TeX typesetting system implemented in portable C for MS-DOS, Windows, and Berkeley and System V UNIX. Certified Microsoft Windows Compatible.
THE WORLDWIDE STANDARD for beautiful publishing in science and engineering is TeX, a set of programs which produce mathematics and text in impeccable clarity and style.

TurboTeX 3.1 is a best-selling, industrial-strength implementation of TeX for the most popular operating systems. Included are plain TeX, LaTeX, METAFONT, AmS-TeX and AmS-LaTeX, the Computer Modern fonts, WYSIWYG previewer, drivers for HP LaserJet/DeskJet, PostScript, and Epson LQ and FX dot-matrix printers, a 90-page, fully-indexed User's Guide, and free technical support. The key language references, Knuth's TeXbook and Lamport's LaTeX User's Guide, are available at technical bookstores or from us directly.

The executables include two ready-to-run versions: one for MS-DOS and another Microsoft-certified version for Windows. Our guarantee: try the executables for 10 days, return for a full refund if not 100% satisfied.

With the source code option, you can reconfigure the system for novel features, embed typesetting in your vertical application, port to a new platform, update to a new OS revision, or just study a major product in detail (including the WEB system in C, our Pascal-to-C translator, Windows interface, and DOS virtual memory simulator). Source requires Microsoft C, Watcom C 8.0, or Borland C++ 2.0 for MS-DOS; Microsoft C for Windows, or a 32-bit ANSI or K&R C compiler for UNIX.

Ordering is easy by phone, FAX, mail, or e-mail, and delivery is fast! Terms: check with order (free ground shipping in USA), VISA, Mastercard, or COD. Net 30 to well-rated firms and public agencies. International orders welcome.

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For advanced Windows compatibility, including a 32-bit formatter, scalable fonts, and a unified previewing/printing application, consider TrueTeX, the latest and most powerful TeX for Windows.

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