Installing the Whirlpool Ice Grid Replacement Connectors

Richard J Kinch

Last updated: November, 2018

Buy now: You may order this connector replacement kit online from me at These parts are normally in stock here for immediate shipment.

Replacing failed original white plastic connectors on newer machines: These connectors are identical replacements for the original ones used on Whirlpool ice machines (including KitchenAid and other branded versions), and the only type used from about 2001 to the present.

Replacing black rubber connectors on older machines: You may also use these connectors to upgrade or replace the original black rubberized brass-prong connectors on an older type Whirlpool grid, such as were used up until about 2001. These black connectors have long been discontinued by Whirlpool and unavailable. To perform the replacement, you will cut off both the rubber plug and rubber receptacle sides of the connection, and substitute this new pair of connectors.


Support: If you should botch the pin work and spoil the new parts, I am happy to replace them to give you a second try at no additional cost. Simply return whichever new part(s) are spoiled to me by mail and I'll return new ones. I'm confident you'll get it right on the second go!

If you can't manage the connector installation, or have other problems with the grid itself, then you can send your grid to me for expert repair at a fixed price. See the instructions and online ordering at:

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